How Water Damage Specialists Clean Things Up

How Water Damage Specialists Clean Things Up

After a flood, fire, or another disaster, a home can be severely damaged by water. Cleaning it up is a systematic process. More »


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    • How Water Damage Specialists Clean Things Up

      8:53 am By Ron Austing

      8079054183_3a50b36535_zAfter a flood, fire, or another disaster, a home can be severely damaged by water. Cleaning it up is a systematic process. While a homeowner can do some things to get the clean-up underway, the majority of the cleaning must be done by water damage restoration professionals.

      Be Prepared with Flood Insurance

      As a homeowner, always have adequate flood insurance in place. This ties into the restoration that will be done following a flood or other disaster. No matter what you think regarding where your home is located, understand that every home is in a flood zone. Also, without this coverage, you have to pay for the services provided by a water restoration company out of your own pocket.

      In the event of a disaster, the first steps to take are to call the water restoration professionals and your insurance company immediately. Before a disaster strikes, you should have the contact information of a reputable local water damage company on hand. This way, you can contact companies near you right away, or provide your insurance agent with their contact information.

      To make sure the claims process is done correctly, it is a good idea to let the insurance agent handle the initial communication with the company. While waiting for them to arrive to clean up the home, you can start some of the cleaning yourself. However, be sure to take safety precautions.

      The Clean Up Process

      If there is any standing water in your home, be sure to turn off the electricity before even thinking of attempting to remove any items or water from the area. For example, you can retrieve any valuables or furnishings that survived the flood or storm. You can also remove some of the water from the area using buckets and other containers, but be careful. While you do want to salvage personal belongings if it is safe to do so, you really should leave the water removal and damage restoration to the specialists.

      Never, ever attempt to wade through any standing water if you are unsure about the electricity in the home. It could have gone out during the storm, and could come back on without notice while you are attempting to remove things. Ideally, you will let the professionals start the process for you.

      They not only have the expertise to assess what needs to be done and when, but they also have the equipment and techniques to do it safely, efficiently and adequately. If you do have an insurance company working with you, they will often accompany the water removal specialists as they assess the damage.

      After the specialists determine how to clean things up, they will usually start by using professional wet vacuums to clear away any remaining water. If there is any moisture around that cannot be detected immediately, they will use special equipment to spot it and have it removed thoroughly. Finally, they will make any repairs and set about drying the home out correctly, using deodorizers and sanitizers.

      In some places, they may need to make use of pressure washers to clean walls or floors. At any time during the process, they will be happy to explain to you what is happening and how long it will be before they are done. Once the job is complete, they will use fans and other equipment to speed up the drying of the home.

      Work with a professional water damage service. With their help, you will get your home to the point where it will be as clean and dry as it was before the disaster.

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