This web site features the work of wildlife photographer Ron Austing.  Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1931, his interest in wildlife began as a child when the family moved north to a suburb: North College Hill.  At the time, much of that small village was an undeveloped woodland, surrounded by small farms.  This gave Ron the opportunity to observe nature relatively undisturbed.  By age twelve he had become intimately associated with birds of prey: the hawks and owls, which initiated a lifelong involvement with them.

Austing’s desire to remain close to nature led to his career as a Park Ranger with the Hamilton County Park District in Ohio.  In his thirty years with the Park District he saw it grow, from some three thousand acres in 1953 to over sixteen thousand when he retired in 1953.  After twenty-four years with the Rangers, with the rank of Captain, he became disenchanted with law enforcement and resigned, but was immediately appointed to be the Park District’s first Wildlife Manager, a post he retained until his retirement.

Combining his knowledge of wildlife and photography Ron became internationally known as a wildlife photographer at a relatively early age, his first illustrated article published while still in high school.  His photos have appeared in thousands of publications such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Audubon, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick….and countless others.  In addition to many articles featuring photography and birds, he has authored several books, including I WENT TO THE WOODS, THE WORLD OF THE RED-TAILED HAWK and THE WORLD OF THE GREAT HORNED OWL.

Even though birds remain his primary subjects, as evidenced on this site, with special emphasis on birds of prey and neotropical migrants, …insects, mammals  herps and flowers are also represented among the more than fifty thousand transparencies and hundreds of hours of video footage in his files. The majority of subjects are representative of Eastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S., with some Western species and a limited number from the Canadian arctic, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Mexico, Africa and India.  As official photographer at the Cincinnati Zoo for many years, images of many internationally rare and endangered species are available of animals in naturalistic settings.

We hope you enjoy this sample of Ron Austing’s style.  His photos and commentary reflect the many years he has spent observing and photographing birds.  The original site was designed and intended to offer for sale double-matted photographs ready for framing at a very affordable price.  Overwhelming response from editors and designers, requesting the use of images for various publications has resulted also in supplying specific images to clients as high resolution scans on CD’s or original transparencies.  Fees for such use need to be negotiated with Ron.  His daughter Theresa handles print orders.  Video footage is available in the various formats

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